Billing and Accounts Receivable

Billing and Accounts Receivable

Billing and accounts receivable are crucial to managing your cash flow and revenues. Unfortunately, many small and medium businesses put themselves at risk by using desktop applications and manual means to manage these critical functions. In such cases, data entry errors and version control issues can quickly undermine the accuracy and reliability of calculations and balance sheets. What’s more, your calculations can easily be outdated by the time you manually aggregate and calculate invoices and generate important documents.

By analyzing your current billing and accounts receivable practices, we can identify opportunities to automate workflows and integrate software systems so that you can:

  • Easily generate accurate invoices
  • Automate invoice routing to clients
  • Automate invoice billing to credit card systems
  • Automate upload of invoices into existing accounting systems
  • Build custom accounts receivable systems (credit limits, credit available, aging, automating billing limits, alerts, automated reporting,generating custom deposit slips)
  • Seamlessly integrate with payment gateways (e.g. Sage Payment Systems, First Data, Braintree)
  • Integrate with other systems of record including CRM or client service

How Xeo Helps Improve Billing and
Accounts Receivable

With our expert guidance, you can realize significant improvements in your billing and accounts receivable processes. Here are three examples of how we helped three SMBs do just that.

Boosting productivity ten-fold

An ISP Reseller was generating monthly invoices and delivering them as Excel files so that clients could audit the invoice in a format other than PDF or paper. To ensure accurate invoices, this company had to manually compare the prior month invoice to the current invoice and make adjustments to ensure accurate invoicing for the current month. To address these inefficiencies, we built a new database structure featuring integrated modules for pre-qualification, statements of work, sales orders, and invoices. By creating a new process on top of this database, the company increased productivity by a factor of 10X, according to the CEO.

Accelerating invoice processing while reducing costs and increasing accuracy

Medical Request Services is often invoicing personal injury lawyers for services related to medical files. As part of that process, employees needed to re-key details related to accounts receivables and invoicing from the company’s project tracking system into QuickBooks. They also spent lots of time trying to synchronize files. After mapping the organization’s workflows to identify requirements, we built an integrated web-based system that automatically generates invoices, assesses late fees, and tracks payment receipts. The system also allocates payments across multiple invoices, and automatically generates A/R reports on a cash and accrual basis. With this new system in place, the organization reduced labor costs and invoice processing time, increased accuracy, and ensured regulatory compliance.

Satisfying government requirements

Dellew, a multiple services contractor, was awarded a Department of Defense contract to maintain several thousand housing units for U.S. Marine Corps troops in Hawaii. We developed a system to track work orders and inventory and generate invoices to be submitted to the U.S. government on bi-monthly intervals.

Using this system, Dellew could invoice accurately and on a timely basis for services, in compliance with government requirements. Dellew was also able to prove accountability for equipment and services.



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