Let Xeo show you how our Hybrid ERP gives you the best of all worlds.


Affintus, a software as a service (SaaS) company, helps managers make better hiring decisions with pre-hire assessments that identify top performers. Previously the company sent out invoices and waited for clients to send in checks. An employee would then activate the client’s account.


Payment Processing
We developed a payment processing module that support invoicing and online credit card processing. To support their marketing efforts, we allow new users to sign up for a 30-day free trial with their credit card. After the trial, the software bills the card or suspends access to the software, eliminating the need for accounting personnel to control access to the application, invoice, or process payments.
Then Xeo built an Application Program Interface (API) to allow Affintus’ most active clients to present the Affintus assessment as an integral part of a third party applicant tracking system.

Business Results

No longer required the full-time assistance of a CPA.
Reduction in outstanding accounts receivable and improved cash flow via real-time online payment.
Doubled candidate flow

About Xeo

Xeo develops custom ERP and business process automation software with a unique model that enables small and medium businesses to scale for growth – guaranteed. Founded in 2001 by a former IT professional serving the U.S. Army, Xeo has been helping businesses improve operating efficiency, reduce costs, and grow revenues by integrating disparate software systems and automating manual business processes.

Xeo’s unique Hybrid ERP delivery model allows businesses to own the source code to custom application modules while enjoying the benefits of SaaS such as off-premise hosted delivery and monthly fee schedules.

Why choose XEO?

Our Hybrid software delivery model gives small and medium businesses all the benefits of custom software with the payment
and delivery flexibility of SaaS. The result is enterprise grade functionality made simple and affordable.


Enterprise capability for SMBs:

We focus solely on small and medium businesses ranging from start-ups to companies with hundreds of millions in revenue. Big IT staff or no IT staff, we are an extension of your team.

ROI focused, client-driven

Unlike SaaS or packaged software vendors, we design and develop only the ERP application modules you need so you can protect your investment in legacy applications. We also help you map your business process workflows to identify opportunities for automation so that your ERP solution is built on top of optimized processes for greater efficiency.


Flexible Payment and Delivery

Our unique Hybrid Development Model offers you the best of custom development and SaaS: you can run your solution on-premise or we can host it, and you finance as a traditional CapEx or via monthly (SaaS type) fees. Regardless of your choice, you own the source code.

Comparison of Software Delivery Models

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