Your clients are the lifeblood of your business, but do you have a complete picture of each account?  Unfortunately, the answer is “no” for many small and medium businesses as information about client accounts is scattered across systems used to manage sales, billing, client service, and other critical processes. This lack of 360-degree insight can lead to lost revenue opportunities -- or worse yet, loss of client accounts.

We can assess your current client data management to design and develop a customer relationship management (CRM) application that integrates with your existing systems and allows you to:

  • Reference a “single source of truth” for client account accuracy
  • Provide deeper account insights to enable more informed management decisions
  • Automate reporting for ease of use
  • Automate alerts for significant client actions (e.g., large order, contract termination, etc.)
  • Automate tasks, reminders, or emails based on defined business rules
  • Integrate financial functions such as payment and subscriber billing status
  • Improve staff productivity and reduce labor costs
  • Reduce data entry errors

Our Hybrid Development Model provides flexible financing and application delivery options, blending the benefits of custom software development and SaaS.

How Xeo Helps Improve CRM

With our expert guidance, you can realize significant improvements in your CRM processes. Here are two examples of how we helped SMBs do just that.

Streamlining sales and enabling growth

A Home Improvement Contractor was using a CRM software application that was no longer supported by the vendor. To complicate matters, the company’s outbound telemarketing dialing system was not integrated with its CRM platform. We developed a new CRM system with tight integration to dialer software so that information was automatically saved into the CRM system. This enabled the contractor to more accurately track the sales cycle and tie each deal to the initiating inside sales rep.

The company’s sales organization gained better insight into data, and eliminated the need to manually enter data from the dialing system into its CRM platform. Going forward, the company can easily scale its business as it signs on more clients.

Easily gaining needed insights from data

A Political Action Group (PAG) needed an efficient way to organize and analyze millions of voter registration records downloaded from the State of Maryland so it could extract insights. We helped them implement a 3rd party CRM system that enabled secure processing and analysis of voter tracking, allowing the PAG to identify issues that were important to each voter and prioritize its outreach efforts. These insights guided outreach efforts that resulted in substantial wins in targeted political contests.



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