Client Portals

Client Portals

Clients want to do business with companies that personalize their client experience and make it easy to transact. If you can’t meet their demands for 24x7 accessibility and instant response, they will likely abandon you for companies that do.

By developing portals that make it easier for your clients to do business with you, we help you improve client satisfaction and retention while eliminating administrative tasks that reduce staff productivity. These can include:

  • Client self-service portals for account management (e.g., preferences, alerts, status)
  • Mobile-friendly dashboards for performance tracking
  • Subscriber sign-up and payment portals
  • Client service and work order portals for automating request submissions

With these portals, your business can:

  • Provide deeper account insights to enable more informed management decisions
  • Automate reporting and alerts
  • Integrate financial functions such as payment and subscriber billing status
  • Reduce staff time spent on answering routine account questions
  • Reduce data entry errors

How Xeo Helps Improve
Client Satisfaction

By tapping into our expertise, you can deliver client portals that satisfy a range of needs. Here are two examples of SMBs that have worked with us to realize these advantages.

Boosting client satisfaction and gaining a competitive edge

An ISP Reseller was struggling to provide its B2B client with visibility into commercial Internet/bandwidth installation projects. To address this issue, we developed a project management portal for the reseller’s clients. Once clients log in, they can view a status of their projects. Plus integration with Google Maps allows clients to search either by project status or by geographic location. The self-service enabled by the portal has decreased inbound client call traffic and the time account management spends providing project status. Clients are far more satisfied due to improved project insight and the reseller has gained a competitive advantage as none of its competitors offers their clients the same level of visibility.

A University Student Housing provider did not want to increase administrative headcount to fill its buildings. Instead, it wanted an automated process for collecting student information for credit checks and applications for student housing. The provider needed this capability within a housing software application that would allow students to also select floor plan and roommate preferences. Previously, students would submit a paper application and payment by check. Because of the time required to receive and process these, sometimes the students’ housing selections were no longer available. In those cases, the provider had to contact the students and ask them to make a new selection.

We delivered a self-service online system that collected student information for credit checks, and also featured a floor plan picker and roommate selection engine. This fully automated system allowed the provider to keep headcount low, improved data collection accuracy for credit checks, and provided secure data processing and easy application status retrieval.



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