Executive Dashboards

Keep managers current on their key performance indicators.

Do your managers have accurate data in real time to make informed decisions?

Too often managers make decisions based on intuition rather than facts because administrative staff need time to compile reports. The solution is a dashboard that displays the key performance indicators (KPIs) your managers need to make great decisions. But which indicators should you display on the dashboard? Of course each manager is responsible for a different aspect of your business. That’s why Xeo dashboards are customizable for each user. Xeo provides each user a catalog of KPIs and a pallet where they can organize their indicators as they see fit.

  • Push KPI data to managers in real time every time they login
  • User-customized dashboard allow each user to focus on their responsibilities
  • Drill-down capability allows managers to dive from the overview to specific details
  • Bar charts, pie charts, or raw data? Visuals are selected based on the nature of the data


Executive Dashboard



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