Custom ERP Software


Custom ERP Software

Organizations use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to process and manage data from areas across their businesses, everything from product planning, manufacturing, and inventory, to sales, marketing, human resources, and accounting. Because ERP software stores information from all parts of the business in a single database, companies can much more easily manage and analyze it, and more simply understand their business performance.


According to The Aberdeen Group, a mere 45% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) have visibility into business processes across departments. Yet only 23% are integrating desktop and enterprise applications to gain full visibility into their business operations.

ERP benefits:

  • Frees employee time and reduces errors by automating processes and streamlining workflows
  • Enables real-time information sharing to accelerate decision-making
  • Reduces IT complexity associated with managing disparate software
  • Improves regulatory compliance by simplifying data tracking and auditing
  • Increases business agility

ERP Development Services

Through our proven ERP software development process, we develop and customize ERP applications to support your business model so you can scale for growth.

As part of the development process, we perform the following:

Workflow audit: analyze existing process workflow and data interdependencies to identify process steps and data-transfer requirements.

Application audit: assess interdependencies and data-sharing requirements of your existing ERP and desktop applications to factor into the solution design.

Architecture design: create the data and reference architecture for the ERP application modules to fit your business processes while minimizing business interruption.

Application development: build individual ERP application modules using an Agile-based software development approach to avoid “big bang” releases and cost/schedule overruns. We fully test and release your custom applications in accordance with a defined project plan. Any new modules we develop will integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP application modules.

Flexible financing: Our Hybrid Development Model allows you to structure the financing of your application project as a capital expense, operating expense, or blended model to fit your budget requirements.

Flexible deployment: Our Hybrid Development Model offers you the
choice of deploying and running your applications on your IT infrastructure, or hosted within
our state-of-the-art data center partner network.

The Aberdeen Group has found that SMBs implementing ERP software can realize real financial impact:

Improvement in inventory turns
Reduction in
operating costs
Reduction in
administrative costs
in on-time and complete delivery
Reduction in

Study by: Aberdeen Group



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Xeo Hybrid ERP Services

Xeo partners with businesses to make them more productive with custom business software. We solve business problems by executing the mass customization of business software. In the business software market today, most vendors still use the mass-production, one-size-fits-all approach that Henry Ford pioneered over 100 years ago.

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