To grow your membership base,
you need to attract and retain more members.

Grow Members

Renew software supports
every step of the
membership lifecycle.

Boost conversion rates and shrink client acquisition
costs with Renew’s Prospecting tools.

Boost Conversion Rate

New members can join online at the press of a button and check out with credit card or PayPal.

  • Our activate membership option lets you upload integrated lead lists, so your prospects can skip through data entry.

Grow member base easily through integrated marketing campaigns.

  • Offer free trials to your prospects.
  • Reward existing members by extending their membership for referring their friends and family.
  • Renew supports temporary and associate memberships and a variety of membership tiers.
  • Let other businesses add new members at a lower wholesale rate through Renew’s partner portal.
  • Our software also supports commission-based direct sales and allows members to send membership as a gift.
  • Let prospects become members for free using their credit card – we’ll let them know when the trial ends.

Assist member signup smoothly.

  • Members can configure preferences for paperless billing and communication at the onset.
  • Integrate member profiles with credit card and PayPal gateways.

Save valuable time with our new member
management features.

Save Valuable Time

Expedite new member verification.

  • Our member profile de-duping and merging feature simplifies the membership approval process.
  • Renew offers phone activation and automated support for membership cards.

Renew provides full member support and integration,
plus a few more perks.

Renewal Support

Amp up productivity and streamline processes.

  • Effectively track member interaction with our robust client service module.
  • Track key performance indicators real-time on our dashboard.
  • View exactly what members see through the “impersonate” function.
  • Integrate third-party applications for pre-paid services or workflow management systems.
  • Renew’s reporting feature generates Members Report, Daily Deposit Report among others.
  • Allow members to request service on-line.
  • Attach documents to the member records.

Now, you can focus on what makes your business great.

  • Members enjoy our responsive, cross-platform interface.

Renew takes your member management full circle with
our auto-renewal system.

Auto Renewal

Automate member status tracking.

  • Offer automatic and manual renewal through member-preferred electronic or mail notices.
  • Renew automatically notifies renewing members when their credit card has expired.
  • Reports allow for reconciling check deposits.
  • Automatically send letters when emails bounce.
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