Payment Processing

Payment Processing

In today’s omni-channel world, your clients want the option to buy online and offline using a variety of payment methods. Failure to deliver on these expectations can mean lost revenue opportunities or even loss of clients.

We can integrate payment processing into your core financial and operations systems so you can offer the variety of e-commerce and client payment options your clients expect. Whether you want the ability to process credit card payments across a variety of gateways, handle ACH transactions, or both, we can deliver. We can integrate these capabilities with client portals, subscription engines, and billing and accounts receivable modules. You’ll benefit from:

  • Transaction confirmation and alerts
  • Reduced data entry errors
  • Improved transaction security and client peace of mind

How Xeo Enables Better
Payment Processing

See how two businesses benefited from the payment processing solutions we developed for them.

Shifting more paper transactions to online with ease

US Rider provides 24-hour, nationwide roadside assistance to those transporting horses. Its clients could pay online using a credit card. However, canned shopping cart solutions would not work because the company requires complex business rules to process payments and new memberships. We developed a custom shopping cart supporting these business rules, and integrated this into a payment gateway so US Rider’s clients could join, renew and pay online. Moreover, the system automatically suggests letters that need to be sent out to clients, such as when it’s time to renew or when a client’s credit card has expired. Today more than 50% of client transactions are processed online instead of via paper checks sent in the mail.

Providing a turnkey DIY experience for clients

Affintus, a software as a service (SaaS) company, helps managers make better hiring decisions with pre-hire assessments that identify top performers. Previously the company sent out invoices and waited for clients to send in checks. An employee would then activate the client’s account. We initially developed a payment processing application with support for invoicing and check receipt. However, Affintus still needed to manually enter each transaction. We then upgraded Affintus’ payment processing software and integrated it with a payment gateway. Clients can sign on for a 30-day free trial and the software handles the entire process, even creating a subscriber account for each client. Once clients pay online via credit card, they gain access to an online subscription of Affintus’ service. The software automatically manages subscription renewals based on each client’s payment status. Clients’ administrators can manage access to the Affintus service with role-based permissions. With this advanced payment processing system, Affintus has evolved to an automated SaaS business model.



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