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Invoicing is a critical extension of your business workflow. Business invoicing software creates a natural segue in your operations from your production process to the accounts receivable department.

How Business Invoicing Software Can Replace Costly A/R
Invoicing software allows you to save money on accounting costs or in some cases, eliminate your A/R staffing needs altogether. It’s a seamless way to handle your invoicing needs and ensure your accounting tasks are handled immediately and in a professional manner.

Business invoicing software can:

  • Automatically generate invoices and email them as PDFs to the clients and clients for whom they’re intended.
  • Allow clients to use credit cards to pay those invoices.
  • Enable automatic payments by letting clients set up recurring or instantaneous payments anytime a new invoice is generated in their account.

All these features reduce the workload of your A/R department to help you save money.

Costs Savings from Business Invoicing Software
Invoicing software not only makes your accounting process faster and simpler, it can also save cash when it comes to overhead. Depending on the size of your current A/R or accounting department (and the scope of your business), invoicing software can often take the place of one, two or even all accounting employees. This saves you money on salaries, employee benefits and other staffing costs.

No more printing out every invoice, slipping them in envelopes and paying postage. With invoicing software, invoices are generated automatically as PDFs and sent via email, cutting out the need for paper, envelopes and stamps altogether. That adds up to some pretty hefty annual savings.

Regardless of how you choose to use your savings, business invoicing software can streamline your operations by serving as a natural extension of the workflow process, allowing you to generate invoices faster and more easily. Xeo specializes in solving business problems by developing custom business software to improve processes, streamline manufacturing, and increase workforce efficiency. Contact us today to see if enterprise software could help your company run more smoothly.