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How Innovative Companies Scale with Custom Database Software

Innovative companies do things differently and can scale more quickly with custom database solution. Tailored databases offer more efficiency as they align precisely with the innovations that set the business apart. 

Benefits of Custom Database Software

Custom databases require far less labor to operate, as the system completes tasks faster and more accurately than any employee.  Typically productivity can improve by a factor of 10 or more when a manual business process is automated with a custom solution, meaning that you can grow your business without growing your administrative head count.
Custom software can be adapted to changing processes. Investment is focused on the most pressing issues, or the most promising opportunities. When a SaaS solution offers a convenient off-the-shelf solution for a specific problem, a custom integration can tie the SaaS solution into a custom database.

Custom database development starts with an intimate knowledge of the company’s data. This knowledge is used to create rules that ensure data quality. Basic rules catch data entry errors, and ensure that required data points are provided. More advanced rules might control the use of promotion codes, lines of credit, or prevent the double booking of an employee. With a well designed system, all the data is subject to custom rules that can prevent problems from happening. Success becomes routine.

Managers require real-time knowledge of operations and key performance metrics. Custom solutions can proactively alert managers to potential problems. The best solutions establish and highlight key performance metrics for employees throughout the organization, driving company performance higher.

Custom databases mirror the processes and standardize the jargon your staff use. Business rules help prevent mistakes. Consequently, new hires require less training.

With a “work for hire” development contract, the client owns the intellectual property. When this IP supports the innovative processes, of course this will dramatically increase the valuation of the company. Also, the client is not tied to a specific software company, as the client owns the software.

Xeo is a software company that provides custom database solutions for businesses of all sizes and gives you control over the source code. Each client is very special to us, and we pride ourselves on providing white glove service at an affordable price. The vast majority of service requests are addressed within one business day. While we help our clients to scale their business, we have no such ambitions. Instead, our aim is to become an indispensable business partner. We are only successful when you are.

Automate your Innovations with a Custom Database from Xeo Software

Maximize productivity and growth with a Custom Database from Xeo Software. Get a tailored solution which delivers guaranteed ROI and customer satisfaction.

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