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Xeo builds custom software for a wide range of industries. Reach out to see how we can help your business!

Custom Database Features:  Every solution we build starts with a deep understanding of your data, to ensure your custom software streamlines efficiency and can scale with your business. 

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    Streamline Your Workflow with Management Tools

    Tasks: Every team member executing the highest priority tasks. Our workflow management system keeps users focused on actionable tasks. All the information needed to execute the task is at hand with documents and related records just one click away.
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    Automated Templates: Standardize workflow by configuring the system to automatically create and assign new tasks based on events or status changes.
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    Maximize Data Sharing and Collaboration

    Companies: Create and manage organization profiles effortlessly. Assign tasks and tags as needed. This feature offers the ability to associate people with a company and vice versa. Drag-and-drop document upload.
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    People: Create and manage contact information, tags and assign tasks. Drag-and-drop document upload. Track relationships between people, like supervisor and subordinate or husband and wife.
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    Events: Share event data across your organization.
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    Efficiently Manage and Organize Your Queries

    Custom Reports: Our visual query builder allows end users to query the database using a graphical interface which Access users will find familiar, and which database experts will be able to exploit to create even the most complicated reports. Execute queries and see results on screen as you write them.
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    Report Scheduling: Once you’ve created your custom report, schedule the delivery on a recurring basis. Rest easy knowing recipients can easily unsubscribe at any time.
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    Advanced Security Solutions for Your Business

    Roles and Permissions: Our robust permission module keeps your data safe. Create new roles and set the permissions of each role at a granular level. Users can only see data and execute functions as you permit. Each user can belong to multiple roles so you have maximum flexibility in granting permission.
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    Xeo has software solutions developed for your challenges

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    Invoicing Software

    Innovative businesses do things differently, and this frequently complicates the creation of invoices. Our platform streamlines pricing and billing management with customized pricing, subscription billing, and a powerful rules engine. Seamlessly integrates with sales tax systems, payment gateways, and accounting solutions. Achieve greater success with ease.

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    Dispatch Dashboard Software

    Your dispatcher needs to know what jobs are ready and what resources are available. We have built boards for everything from freight companies to mobile auto services. Our boards help schedule based on workload, staff availability, and estimated drive times from Google Maps, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. We also integrated with telematics companies, including Samsara, Geotab, & Verizon Connect, so your dispatcher sees the location of your resources in real-time.

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    Customer Portal Software

    Allow your customers to place orders, update their payment method, and interact with their account via a custom portal that precisely implements your brand. Xeo has built custom portals for a range of industries, including membership businesses, freight forwarding, automotive service, and various legal services. We will also match the branding of this application to the client for all client facing software.

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    Building SaaS Software

    We have built and host multiple SaaS solutions for our long standing clients. Some of these solutions include time card solutions, pre-hire assessments, and real estate solutions. We also support free trials, and automated recurring billing to help ensure each solution serves our clients well.

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    Membership Software

    Our platform simplifies membership management. Automated billing, custom renewal notices, and promotion codes save you time and effort. Branded customer portal lets members manage their accounts. Data analytics provides valuable insights. Referral partner attribution and associate memberships help you grow. Merge duplicates and schedule price changes easily. Take your membership management to the next level with our powerful tools.

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    Time tracking Software

    Our platform streamlines workforce management. Track staff location when clocking in/out, automate time card reporting, and identify most/least productive staff. Integrates with payroll solutions including ADP, Paychex, and Intuit. Achieve greater success with our powerful features.

    Features Available With Xeo


    Our platform streamlines document management. Attach various file types to records and manage permissions. Easily merge multiple documents into one. Work more efficiently and effectively.


    Our platform helps you visualize KPIs to optimize performance and drive success. Staff and customers can customize their dashboard for relevant data. With our user-friendly interface, make data-driven decisions that lead to growth and success.

    Custom Data

    Our platform empowers you to transform data into meaningful insights. Create customized reports with ease using our reporting tool. We value transparency, honesty, and integrity in all our operations. Our platform helps you make informed decisions and drive your business forward while making a positive impact.


    We can track every change made to a record, including who changed the record, when, and what the record looked like before the change was made.


    Address data is tricky and essential. We have integrated with Google Maps and other address verification services to ensure accurate data.


    An application programming interface (API) allows computer systems to communicate. We publish and consume APIs, allowing our systems to work seamlessly with others.


    A unified ticket system tracks issues that require follow-up. Our off-the-shelf ticket system makes it easy for your staff to follow up on all issues.

    Quality Assurance Queue

    One manager can quickly review the work of many employees with the help of a queue that displays all the needed data points and media on a single screen. With one click, the work can be approved or sent for rework.


    High-priority messages can be sent via text message, while informational messages might display passively on-screen or wait in a queue. Of course, there’s always email. And we have even integrated with Slack for messages. In all cases, we aim to get users the information they need precisely when they need it.

    Bulk Data

    Often, your staff will have a spreadsheet of valuable data that belongs in your database. We have built many features that help staff upload such sheets. These features implement a step-by-step process that satisfies all data rules, highlights issues, and confirms results. Such tools typically achieve more than a 10x improvement in productivity.