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In the legal industry, keeping organized is crucial. Every case has its own unique details, and to ensure each one has the best chance at success, you need a way to keep them all on track and in order. Unfortunately, most off-the-shelf database programs like Excel or Access aren’t comprehensive enough to handle all the variables that come with legal work. Here’s where custom software development services can help. You can get tailored, full-scale law firm software that helps you store important details, keep track of cases and, most importantly, stay organized.

Custom Law Firm Software for Goldman Phipps

Renowned law firm Goldman Phipps realized their own need for custom software development services when, after taking on a bulk of agricultural torts against a rice maker, they found their spreadsheets and off-the-shelf software to be ill-equipped for the task.

Xeo was able to develop a proprietary database system that allowed Goldman Phipps team members to easily input case data, search through files, sort details and perform a variety of other essential tasks. We even made the database accessible online so attorneys could find and update case information from anywhere in the world—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Best of all, we were able to import the information from the company’s existing database so there was no time-consuming data entry or input required. This allowed the new solution to be launched as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Custom Law Firm Software Development

Could your law firm use a more comprehensive database for keeping your cases on track? Is your current software hindering your progress? Contact the Xeo team today through our online form to learn how our custom law firm software development services can help you.