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Tax firms and financial professionals are part of an industry that can benefit greatly from customized software solutions. Federal and state tax laws are constantly in flux, so firms that handle a large number of clients often become overwhelmed and have difficulty keeping up. Luckily, custom application development can help solve all this.

Through custom application development, tax firms and financial professionals can find an easy and seamless way to manage their tax returns and ensure all filings are completed on time and on deadline. Best of all, this solution can integrate flawlessly with a company’s existing systems and processes so maximum efficiency can be achieved.

The Proof

Recently, Xeo provided one such solution for Liberty Resources, Inc. Liberty Resources is a non-profit organization that helps promote independent living for disabled individuals. As Liberty Resources produces tax returns for more than 1,000 employers, tax season was particularly daunting.

To ease Liberty Resources’ burden, Xeo created a custom-fit software solution that allowed the automatic transfer of data from Liberty Resources’ payroll manager (an outsourced company) to state and federal tax return forms. The software included a number of special features such as a review functionality, which allowed higher-ups to review the forms on an individual basis, and an override capability, which enabled changes and edits as needed. Xeo also made both electronic and paper filings possible.

Once completed, the customized software was able to turn a tedious, expensive and time-consuming task into something much more manageable. In fact, after the solution was implemented, the company’s entire tax obligations could be managed in just a few hours as opposed to the weeks they once took.

Custom Tax Software for Your Firm

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