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Are you wondering how key performance indicators (KPIs) could improve your business? KPIs can help you evaluate your company’s performance and measure progress toward goals and strategies. This data is even more accessible using KPI dashboard software. To help you, we’ve compiled some of the best blogs, resources, and websites on KPIs, dashboards, business intelligence, and other powerful subjects to enhance your business and overall profits.

To expand your knowledge of KPIs, business intelligence, and more, here are seven of the best KPI dashboard resources we’ve found.

KPI Library

KPI Library is just what it sounds like a library full of key performance indicators. If you haven’t decided which KPIs to track for your company, or if you’re still setting up your KPI dashboard, KPI Library is an invaluable resource. In fact, even big brands like Siemens, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, HP and Deloitte use it.

The site features suggested key performance indicators for nearly every industry under the sun, including agriculture, media, banking, insurance, education, manufacturing, public works, health care, real estate, telecommunications and more. You can also find KPIs by process (like IT, human resources, accounts payable, etc.) and by framework (ASL, BiSL, COBIT, BMF, GRI and more). Just sign up for a free account and enter your email address, and you can begin browsing KPIs immediately.

KPI Library also offers a variety of other on-site resources including expert blogs, business intelligence news, a Q&A forum and hundreds of benchmark surveys so you can compare your company’s performance to others on the web. Ultimately, with KPI Library’s help, you can find all the info you need to populate your KPI dashboard with the most effective key performance indicators possible.


In Klipfolio’s “Resources” section, you’ll find useful information on dashboards, key performance indicators, metrics, analytics and all things related to business intelligence. You can also view examples of KPIs and find applicable ones for your industry, along with sample dashboards to help determine the best configuration for your own KPI dashboard.

In addition, Klipfolio takes it one step further by offering handy webinars and how-to guides that walk you through everything from choosing KPIs and selecting data sources to setting up your dashboard and more.

Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality Blog

Created by Jim Harris, the Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality blog (or OCDQ for short) offers endless advice, tips and knowledge on data management and quality. With more than 5 years of posts, you’d be hard pressed to find a business intelligence topic that’s not addressed on this site.

OCDQ covers everything from gathering and analyzing data to extrapolating value from it and using it to your advantage. Categories on the blog include big data, data quality, data management, business intelligence, communication, collaboration and data governance.

There’s even an OCDQ podcast called OCDQ Radio. Through OCDQ Radio, you can listen to Harris speak on data- and dashboard-related issues, talk with other business intelligence experts, and field questions from readers all over the world.

Information Builders

Information Builders serves as a great resource for professionals who are just getting started with their KPI dashboard. This website offers a comprehensive glossary of every dashboard-, KPI- and data-related term imaginable. From “business intelligence” and “MDM” to “data analysis” and “big data,” you’ll find it all right here.

Each definition features a detailed description, delving into what the term means, how it relates to data and other dashboard topics, and how it can be used in real-world situations. Additionally, most definitions include images and screenshots so visual learners can absorb plenty of information as well.


Domo’s first helpful resource is the “Learn” section of its website. Here you’ll find information on data, KPIs, dashboards and anything and everything in between. There are studies, reports, white papers, articles, how-to guides, webinars and even infographics to help guide you on your dashboard journey.

Domo’s blog section includes a comprehensive collection of business intelligence articles all written by Domo’s experts. There are more than 100 entries on the blog, and the Domo team frequently adds new entries, so you won’t run out of inspiration or KPI help anytime soon.


When it comes to data, KPIs and dashboards, the BeyeNETWORK offers a generous supply of information. There are industry-related articles, web seminars, blogs, podcasts and videos and even events and round-table discussions you can attend.

Best yet, all of Beye’s resources are completely filterable. Choose to see only articles from a specific expert or vertical industry, or view your resources by topic. Just a few of the topics you can select include big data, analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing, information management and more.


SimpleKPI offers a variety of articles and blog entries that may help as you configure your KPI dashboard. However, unlike many of the other suggested resources, this one doesn’t focus on all of business intelligence or data management. Instead, it offers specific, targeted information on key performance indicators and KPI dashboard software only.

At SimpleKPI, you’ll find resources on setting up your KPI dashboard, what KPIs to consider for your business, what to avoid when configuring your dashboard, how to measure your KPIs and much more. If you have a question regarding KPIs, you can rest assured you’ll find an answer here.


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