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Workforces across the country have used Excel, Access and FileMaker Pro to develop homegrown solutions to data-tracking problems. These creative, intelligent workers have wielded these tools deftly to increase productivity and do an array of cool things. What happens, though, when companies become more and more successful? These programs may work great for a while, but once business really starts booming, they just don’t cut it anymore. Documents become unwieldy, are difficult to collaborate on and don’t provide everything you need in one place. That’s when it’s time to start considering a customized software solution.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t have in-house IT departments, and the employees that ultimately end up handling IT tasks just aren’t trained for this sort of work. In this case, outsourcing software development may be the best route to go. In fact, with all the benefits an outsourced solution can provide, this route may even be the option for those who do have an IT department.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can get by outsourcing software development:

  • Error-free code.  The biggest problem with trying to develop software in-house is the level of quality you can expect. By using someone in-house – most likely someone who has little to no experience in developing custom programs, and who has other tasks to perform – you’re setting yourself up for some less-than-perfect software. You’ll likely get a number of errors and put simply, errors cost money. They prolong the length of the project, cost more in staffing and divert resources away from other areas of your business. When you outsource software development, you don’t run this risk. An outsourced provider creates customize software day in and day out, so they know how to produce programs in an efficient and error-free way.
  • Comprehensive solution. Outsourcing software development allows you to utilize the expertise and experience of a professional software company. You glean the benefit of what they’ve learned over years and years of producing software for all types of businesses across a variety of industries. This leads to a more comprehensive software solution. They can listen to your company’s needs, pull from their arsenal of ideas and past solutions, and create a custom-fit, innovative program that meets all your demands and more.
  • Third-party expertise. Looking inward is always difficult. When you’re part of the daily workflow of a company, it can often be hard to pinpoint where the problem areas really are – where there is room for improvement. That’s where an outsourced software developer comes in. They can offer a third-party evaluation, identifying bottlenecks in your workflow, determining where productivity can be improved and increased, and devising a software solution to do just that.
  • Reduced costs. While you may think outsourcing software development comes with a hefty price tag, it actually pays for itself sooner than you’d think. Customized software can improve your company’s overall efficiency and productivity tenfold, allowing you to accomplish more in less time and for less money. Xeo’s unique guarantee and monthly fixed payment system ensures you’ll never pay more than you can afford for your software. You set the budget, and we hold to that number month after month – no matter what.
  • Faster completion. When you outsource your software needs rather than attempt them in-house, you get your program at record speed. In-house employees are forced to balance software development needs with their day-to-day tasks and job demands. Outsourced developers dedicate their entire day to your project. Plus, they’re experts, and they know exactly what needs to happen to produce your software quickly, efficiently and in a short amount of time.
  • Minimal risks. Though outsourcing such an important job may seem like a risk, it’s actually a much safer option than choosing an inexperienced employee to handle the task. An employee could easily make costly mistakes. Even if they don’t, what happens when they leave? Where do you turn for support? Outsourced software developers have loads of experience under their belt, having worked with scores of different companies across many verticals. Their expertise and knowledge equip them to handle your software development needs seamlessly.

Outsourcing software development can be a great solution for any growing company – especially those without an IT department. Are Access, Excel and FileMaker Pro just not cutting it for your company anymore? Contact Xeo to learn more about customized solutions today.