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Custom business software development can help growing companies move forward. It can allow your team to operate more efficiently, help you increase sales and, best of all, decrease your costs. Unfortunately, many business owners have misgivings about customized software and are hesitant to invest in it. Often, though, this hesitation is unwarranted.

Here are just a few misconceptions we’ve heard:

  1. I can’t afford it. Think of it like this: can you afford not to customize your software? Think about what you pay an average employee in terms of salary. If you put that towards developing custom software that is designed to a) make your current team more productive and b) take the place of one or more employees, you’ll soon realize that the software accomplishes much more than one employee would be able to do. If you combine those savings with Xeo’s guarantee and unique payment structure—you only pay what you can budget each month—it’s clear that you stand to gain much from custom software.
  2. I don’t have time for it. Custom business software development is actually much faster than you might imagine. For instance, Xeo has developed a rapid software development program called Code Forge: software that writes perfect, customized software in much less time than it takes other firms. In the end, you save both time and money.
  3. It can’t be done. Many software companies only offer help with certain features or tell you something “can’t be done” or “that feature won’t work with your system.” This is all false. If you have a problem or issue in your workplace, there’s a software solution that can fix it.

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