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Let Xeo show you how our Hybrid ERP gives you the best of all worlds.


As a business owner, a custom dashboard has the potential to change your life. It can allow you to manage your data more effectively, can help you make better decisions and strategic choices, and can help your company run more smoothly, efficiently and profitably. Overall, it can truly be a game-changer for a modern business.

However, many executives are hesitant to consider custom dashboard software for their companies. They think it’s too expensive, it’s too hard to implement and it just won’t work for their brand.

Xeo has set out to debunk these misconceptions.

Our Custom Dashboard Software

We recently launched an online, custom dashboard platform that allows users to input key data points, track goals, monitor performance and even share information with colleagues and business partners. Best of all, it’s completely free.

To use our new custom dashboard platform, simply sign up for an account at Dashboard.XeoSoftware.com. You don’t even need to input your name, email address or business—just give your account a nickname, and you can start customizing the dashboard to your individual needs and goals.

Top Ways to Use Your New Dashboard

Here are a few ways to use our free custom dashboard platform to your advantage:

  • You can chart progress toward goals and milestones. Input your department’s long-term goals, and start tracking achievements as your work progresses on the project. This allows you to visualize your team’s overall performance and can help you note areas that need improvement or extra attention.
  • You can watch key performance indicators. Use our custom dashboard software to watch your company’s most important KPIs. Whether they include sales, profits, client leads or any other KPI that affects your business, our dashboards can help you keep track of them at all times.
  • You can spot trends and themes. Our dashboards make it easy to visualize your company’s most important data—both independently and in relation to historical data, marketplace data and other pertinent information. This allows you to spot trends and themes in your company’s performance, so you can make appropriate changes and steer your business in the right strategic direction.
  • You can share information with others, or solicit advice and guidance on your data points. Because our platform doesn’t require any personal or sensitive details, you can share your dashboard with coworkers, business partners or even mentors without worry. They can give you advice and guidance on your data points, and your company’s proprietary information will remain safe and secure the entire way through.
  • You can give your team the data they need to succeed. With our dashboards, you can ensure everyone on your team has access to your company’s latest performance data. Then they can use that data to make strategic, forward-thinking decisions that improve your company and drive up profits.

Accessible and Easy to Edit

Because our free custom dashboards are based online, you can quickly make edits from anywhere you have web access. Just log in, add new data points and share your dashboard with colleagues to ensure everyone is up-to-date and on-task.

Take Advantage of Our Free Custom Dashboard Software

If you’ve ever wanted to experience custom dashboard software, now’s your chance. Log onto Dashboard.XeoSoftware.com now, and start putting your data to work. You’ll begin reaping benefits in no time for your company while you enhance your technical skills and knowledge.

To learn more about custom dashboard software or to inquire about a more personalized solution for your company’s needs and goals, contact the Xeo team today through our online form. We’ll be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.