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A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that 56% of adult Americans now own smartphones. Given this increasing popularity, a mobile app is just as important to your brand as a website. It can increase your exposure, improve your client retention, and make doing business with your brand easier and more convenient for your clients. What’s more: in this day and age, most clients just expect you to have one. It doesn’t have to be complicated or all-inclusive, but it should include a few key functions. How do custom mobile apps fit into your company’s overall operation?

Custom mobile apps afford you a number of possibilities. They can be used for simple tasks like browsing products or locating stores, or they can handle more complex needs, like placing orders, tracking shipments, paying bills and more.

Specifically, custom mobile apps offer:

  • Ordering. Let your clients place an order or purchase a product.
  • Tracking. Allow clients to check on the status of their orders and track shipments.
  • Store Locator. Give clients the ability to locate stores in their area or use their GPS to find the nearest locations in real-time.
  • Account Management. Clients can pay bills, change payment information and update contact details from their phone.
  • QR Code Integration. Make product details easily accessible for clients.

While many of these tasks can be completed in a typical web browser, an app makes them simpler and more streamlined. Smartphone browsers tend to be small, unwieldy and difficult to use. Plus, web browsers don’t allow for the rich programming environment capabilities you get with an app. Custom mobile apps make it easier for your clients to engage with you, which encourages further action on their part.

The possibilities with custom mobile apps are endless. Contact our team today to learn about how custom iOS software or custom Android software could help your business.