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Maps are some of the most effective tools custom software developers can integrate into a new software solution. When you consider that over 30% of the human cortex is dedicated to vision, is it any wonder that maps are so powerful? They transform simple numbers on a page into useful visual representations that can inform and influence decisions.

By integrating Google Maps, custom software developers give companies immense power over their information. Software that integrates Google Maps capabilities can take what was previously just a list of addresses in a database and turn it into a tangible visual representation that can fuel decision-making and increase overall productivity.

We have integrated maps into a number of our client solutions. For USRider, which provides specialized equestrian roadside assistance, we were able to turn a national database of veterinarians, farriers, and stables from a list of addresses into an interactive map that allows dispatchers to find which vet is closest. For another client—a transportation company—we integrated a map function to allow them to track each of their buses in real-time.

Though these are just a few examples, map integration can be beneficial for a wide variety of companies across many industries. Integrating Google Maps is a great way to take a list of static data like phone numbers and addresses and make them useful, relatable and customizable to the user.

In addition to turning data into a powerful visual tool, map integration also boasts other useful features, including:

  • Customizable icons –Icons can be customized and changed out for every location on the map. This allows different locations and data points to be highlighted and more easily recognized.
  • Hover details – When the user hovers the mouse over a location, Google Maps can display important details about it, like phone numbers, contact information or websites. It pulls the details directly from an associated database, so information can be changed as the need arises.

You’re not just limited to Google Maps, either. We can easily integrate MapQuest, Bing Maps, Apple Maps, or other systems. To learn more about map integration or discuss your own mapping needs, contact the custom software developers at Xeo today.