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Many business owners often confuse websites with web applications. A website is mostly a marketing tool, designed to bring in new clients and get referrals. A web application, on the other hand, actually performs a function. It allows visitors to complete some sort of action, whether it be placing an order, checking a shipment status or paying a bill. While a website will help somewhat in improving your sales and overall business, custom web applications can provide more added value, letting you process payments, collect user data and offer other interactive elements.

The Value of Custom Web Applications
Most businesses nowadays realize the importance of having a website. Combined with SEO efforts, a well designed website can do wonders for generating client leads and expanding your reach. While this is great, few realize the importance of including a web application – something that can make a marked difference on their bottom line.

Here are just a few of the functionalities that custom web applications can provide:

  • Browsing and selecting products in an online store setting.
  • Purchasing and payment processing, including credit cards and bank transfers.
  • Checking email and updating client accounts.
  • Collecting data and information securely.
  • Submission of on-site forms and fields.
  • Encryption and transfer of sensitive data.
  • Checking order statuses and shipments.
  • Logging into client dashboards and personal accounts.
  • Providing client service via live chat or form submission.
  • Wiki pages and on-site search functions.

With custom web applications, the options for your website are truly endless. You can enable your clients to complete virtually any desired action easily and quickly on a web browser or via their mobile phone.

Custom Web Applications vs. Websites
If you want a simple website that describes your services, your brand and your employees, then by all means, look to a marketing company or design firm. If you want your website to provide actionable value, though, a developer is absolutely necessary. Think of it this way: websites are the “creative”—the design, the graphics, the copy, etc. Applications are the “science” part: the functionality, the security, the speed and all the behind-the-scenes stuff.

While you could just have a website or just a web application, the truth is, you probably want both. You want a website that delivers your message and promotes your products, but you also want one that lets your clients take action, ensures security, and does everything else you need it to do.

Marketing people are creative. Software developers are technicians.  Each plays a vital role, but just as you wouldn’t want an artist doing a scientist’s work (or vice versa), you don’t want to hire a marketing company to write a web application. You probably wouldn’t want a web developer to design your website’s look and feel, either.

That’s why Xeo works in close conjunction with marketing companies. Your marketing partner can provide the creative aspects –the graphics, the content and your message. We’ll build the custom web application that makes sure your site is safe and secure, the shopping cart and payment functionality are seamless, and on-site databases collect your clients’ contact information.

With this dual approach, you’re able to get the most comprehensive, effective, full-scale web solution possible. To learn more about custom web applications or to find out what applications may help improve your company as whole, Contact Xeo today.