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Our small business dashboards make data easy and actionable. Instead of consulting various department heads and trying to marry disparate data tracking systems in order to get a clear organizational picture, you can see all of your company’s pertinent metrics, KPIs and goals in one comprehensive place. Use it to watch trends, track performances and make decisions—and it’s completely free. All you need is a nickname for your dashboard, and you’re ready to start tracking.

You can use our small business dashboard to:

  • Highlight trends – Input your data points and see them visualized in an easy-to-understand line chart. Note increases and decreases, watch trends, and determine right away when correctional action needs to be taken.
  • Track KPIs – Watch your company’s most important KPI metrics closely by tracking daily, weekly, monthly and annual data points. Whether it’s sales numbers, client leads or total revenues you want to monitor, with our small business dashboards, you’ll never lose sight of what’s important.
  • Watch goals and chart progress – Monitor your organization’s progress toward goals and milestones using our small business dashboards. Line charts make progress easy to track and even easier to understand, so you know exactly where your business stands at all times.
  • Make comparisons – Compare your data to past time periods to track organizational progress. You can even use the dashboard to plot out statewide and national averages, and see how you measure up within your industry. This can give you powerful actionable data from which to make changes and better your performance.
  • Encourage data-driven solutions company-wide – No more shooting in the dark to hit goals and improve your company. Customized small business dashboards encourage each department (or individual employee) to use data to power their every decision. Share your dashboard with colleagues and team members and collaborate on company strategies, or let your employees create their own customized dashboards so they can see the data they need – when they need it.
  • Locate bottlenecks – Use line charts and visualized data to determine where workflow is stalling. Find out which departments, employees and processes are slowing you down, and use that data to devise solutions that relive that bottleneck and improve your overall efficiency.
  • Determine priorities – Once you utilize data to locate bottlenecks and less-than-efficient areas of the workflow, you can then use your dashboard to determine priorities and urgencies throughout the organization. Pinpoint which departments and areas need the most attention, which need it the fastest, and start improving your company.
  • Share data with investors – Want to impress investors and show them exactly what to expect by doing business with your company? Create a customized dashboard with all the important data point and metrics that they’ll need. Then, share it easily and securely via email.
  • Improve collaboration – Forget sending Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and Word documents back and forth between colleagues, team members and other employees.  Use our small business dashboards to easily and quickly share data and collaborate on tasks and goals at hand. Best of all, because our dashboards are secured by SSL technology, you never have to worry about vulnerability or unauthorized access.
  • Predict upcoming trends and events – Use our small business dashboards to predict upcoming events based on past trends and historical data points. Then use that information to devise strategies and efforts to coincide with those expected events, and ensure your company’s overall success in the long run.
  • Support decisions – Take data points and metrics from being just numbers on a page, and turn them into actionable pieces of information. Use them to implement company-wide changes with confidence.

Our small business dashboards are completely free to utilize. If your company could benefit from any one of these uses, take a minute and create your own today. Want more information? Contact Xeo now.